News blog – Bulletin 5 – that’s Monterey 2018 !

DMTRG Bulletin #5 2018   rev180831b

DMTRG Bulletin #5 2018 rev180831b

HIGH FIVE TO US ALL! We made it thru the 2 weeks of Monterey Car Week! and put on a good show with our cars, our paddock and on the track. Whew! We all have a new list of “to do’s” that vary from finding a brake line leak … to getting pieces of metal “right” under the bonnet.
Rob and I started with some ideas 4 years ago and we’ve been checking off those great ideas (well!) each year with your help and support. THANK YOU …. We’re in a good place … but as usual everything on our agenda moves forward, and hopefully, gets better.
This year our race group was comprised of 47 cars. The mix of big bore and small bore was about 50/50 We counted 42 as DMTRG members … 5 or so snuck in late in the day! … humor. Rob and I looked at our grid 4 years ago and there were only a dozen or so cars that were consistent with our idea of a ’50 -’55 theme celebrating the drivers and cars of the Pebble Beach Road Races. We went to work recruiting cars, creating media visibility and resuscitating a race group that is, as we’ve put on the poster … “the soul of racing on the Monterey Peninsula”.
The cornerstone of DMTRG is the Registry. It gives us a facility to corral the cars and friends who own, drive, love em. A Registry refresh starts now; more on that, below. At last count, there were about 130 “Friends of DMTRG” including close to 80 cars.
Rob and my focus now, is more and better … we’ve got a couple more ideas … “oh no!”… and we’d like to have more of yours. Send all those comments in to us!
Please contact Rob or Doug with your thoughts.

All the best,
Rob: [email protected]
Doug: [email protected]


DMTRG Photographs: Our official accredited group photographer for the 2018 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion was Colin Warnes Colin captured 325 images of the cars in the paddock and on the track. Go to the DMTRG Facebook site titles “Monterey Sports Car Road Racers”… click on You can also download high defintion copies of nay of these photos at the following links. Colin thank you very much … GREAT JOB.

Friday photos:
Saturday morning race photos:
Saturday afternoon photos:

The “Del Monte Trophy”: One of the original great ideas was a perpetual Del Monte Trophy awarded to two cars in the tradition of the day: big and small bore …and their respective owners / drivers! It took a whiles to find “a cup”. I looked and only found old bowling and billiards trophies on eBay … didn’t seem right! We asked The Pebble Beach Company to look … they looked in the closet!

Our trophy hero David Nelson found the perfect cup, Rob polished this well-loved survivor and he found a trophy shop to make plaques listing the winners of the day and future winners from 2018. Jim Alder, David, Rob and I caucused after our event and talked thru cars & drivers in line with general criteria of: performance, presentation and spirit … and a cool factor!!!

Our inaugural DMTRG award goes to …

Gregor Magnusson of Santa Cruz with his cool 1954 Porsche 356

and to…

Terry Buffum & John Buddenbaum with the cool & most historic of cars in DMTRG …1949 Jaguar Parkinson Special.

Perfect choices for the inaugural award! Both award winners will receive a trophy for the book case in September and the “perpetual” trophy will get etched with their data and be on display at the HP Farm.

The Registry … aka The Mail List: We’ll be scrubbing the mail list and if we’ve missed taking you off … with apologies … please say one more time to remove you. Updating the list is a top priority. Our focus has been current / past drivers & owners, journalists, historians / authors, spares & service providers, event organizers, etc …. Based on our momentum, we’ve collected a lot of “Friends of DMTRG” that connect with our stories. If you know anyone that should be added bring them on or tell us and we’ll chase them down.

SONOMA 2019: As we all know there has been a recent announcement of a change for the Sonoma Historics to Wine Country Speed Festival and new leadership led by Jeff O’Neil. Jeff has tapped Cris Vandergrif / HMSA to partner on the event. This is a fresh start or restart for a long great event. We think this would make a great second event for DMTRG and any of “us” who plan to or would consider participating in the event drop Doug or Rob a note of your intent. The event will be held 31 May thru 2 June next year as the track celebrates it’s 50th anniversary. We think that this would make a great second event for DMTRG.

LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO ATTEND MONTEREY IN 2019. The day after we get 20 cars with intent to run we’ll present our Monterey template to Jeff and Cris and ask for marketing support, dedicated paddock space and a Race Group focused on our ‘50-’55 DMTRG cars. With a list of our cars “in hand” and plans for recruiting more … we will present DMTRG as a crown jewel of the new event. Please drop us a note of your intent to participate.

Group 2A – 1947-1955 Sports Racing and GT cars
Saturday Race Results
Footnote: of the 47 cars entered in 2A the split of big bore vs small bore was ~50/50
Dave Zurlinden Monterey CA 1953 Tatum GMC Spl. White 01:51.9
Terry Buffum (John Buddinbaum) Bend OR 1949 Jaguar Parkinson Spl White 01:52.4
Rob Manson Carmel Valley CA 1953 Kurtis 500S Dodge Red/Black 01:53.1
Jeff Awender Sunnyvale CA 1965 Miller Special V Orange 01:56.7
Bernard Juchli 1955 Jaguar Hagemann Special Dark Green 01:55.4
Doug Sallen Monterey CA 1952 Morgan +4 White 02:01.4
Lars Mapstead Aptos CA 1949 Baldwin Mercury Special Blue 01:59.1
Alex Curtis Scottsdale AZ 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Silver 02:02.4
Wesley Abendroth Washoe Valley NV 1955 Chevrolet Mistral Red 02:03.3
John Mote Sun Valley CA 1950 Allard K2 Smurf Blue 02:01.6
James Alder Reno NV 1952 Jaguar XK 120 OTS White 02:02.8
Nick Price 1953 Jaguar C Type Green 02:02.6
Leland Osborn San Miguel CA 1955 Crosley Special HM Blue/Red Stripe 02:04.0
Steve Marx Costa Mesa CA 1955 Mercedes-Benz 190SL Red 02:07.0 9
David Nelson Geyserville CA 1955 Triumph TR2 BRG 02:06.7
Gregor Magnusson Santa Cruz CA 1954 Porsche 356 Silver 02:05.3
James Brown Fallbrook CA 1955 Cooper Type 39 White/Blue 02:03.1
Gary Cox Newport Beach CA 1953 Austin Healey Chevy Special Red 01:52.2
George Holt Gabriola Island BC 1954 Jaguar XK 120 Blue 02:09.3
Bernard Dervieux Palm Desert CA 1950 Alllard J2 Silver 02:11.0
Peter Smith Del Mar CA 1958 Austin Healey Sprite Blue 02:11.5
Jonathan Lane Greenwood Village CO 1949 MG TC Blue 02:13.3
Ed Lamintia 1955 MG TF Ivory 02:12.2
Michael Cleary Carpinteria CA 1955 Cleary Crosley H-Mod Yellow 02:13.6
Jeffrey Marx 1955 Mercedes-Benz 190SL Silver 02:12.0
Jim Weissenborn Corral de Tierra CA 1959 MG Byers CR90 MG Special Red/White 02:20.1
Jack Perkins San Jose CA 1954 Warrior Bristol Green 02:22.8
Don Martine Pacifc Grove CA 1952 Deidt/Bell Special Disc 02:24.4
Robert S. Davis San Francisco CA 1953 Siata 208s Blue 02:04.4
Robert Williams Sunnyvale CA 1952 Fiat Siata Daina Red/Black 02:43.7
Kaid Marouf 1951 MG TD Green 02:09.1
Luca Maciucescu Santa Fe NM 1952 Jaguar XK 120 Silver 02:17.9
Jon LeCarner Placentia CA 1951 Allard K2 Red 02:11.1
Steve Schuler Capistrano Beach CA 1955 Hagemann Chrysler Special White/Blue 01:59.7
Doug Klink Estes Park CO 1951 Allard K2 Red 02:07.9
James Cleary Sherman Oaks CA 1952 Ken Hickey Sprint Car Orange
Jeffrey Abramson Alamo CA 1950 MG Von Neumann Special Red
Don Baldocchi Redding CA 1954 Nardi Crosley Spider Yellow
Marc Cendron Newburyport MA 1957 Tojeiro Tojeiro-Climax BRG
Terry Cowan Bonita CA 1960 Austin Healey Sebring Red
Jay Embree Granite Bay CA 1954 Lotus Mk VI Alloy
Lars Mapstead Aptos CA 1952 Jaguar XK 120 Black
Susan Patterson New Braunfels TX 1952 MG Devin Metallic Blue
Kevin Pitts Newport Beach CA 1959 Jabro Mk3 White
Ned Spieker Menlo Park CA 1957 Maserati 200Si Red
Vincent Vento Miami FL 1953 Kurtis 500S White W/Blue
Greg Whitten Puyallup WA 1953 Lancia D24 Sport Red