News blog – Bulletin 4 – preparing for Monterey

The Del Monte Trophy Race Group for 1947 – 1955 Sports Racing and Production GT Race Cars
DMTRG 2018 Bulletin #4 180811a

From Doug Sallen, 11 August 2018

Hello All….. this is overdue and many of us are loading or hauling for the Pre-ReUnion. We’d taken a decision to wait until the paddock plan was done before sending “Bulletin #4”… …. The paddock plan is still a work in process and should be completed today, tomorrow… ie SOON. Lots going on this year regarding the track …. Good for us … less going on for our group so we’ve been able to be “ready” when the SCRAMP folks are “ready” for us.

Please contact Rob or Doug with any questions / issues:

All the best, Doug

Rob: [email protected]   –   Doug: [email protected]

Media Plan: our outbound communications is focused on telling our story as far and wide as we can get. An initial press release has been prepared for our DMTRG Friends and Family. SCRAMP PR is also sending this “first press release” out to the Journalists and Photographers accredited to this year’s event. A “second press release” will go out next week as a reminder for the photo and interview opportunity that we are hosting Friday the 24th at 2.30 with the cars that we’re highlighting this year: Hagemann Specials, Allards, MG Specials and Crosley-engined Specials. Additionally, we’ll again prepare a set of DMTRG Car Notes for the track announcers.

See our press release in pdf: 2018 Del Monte Trophy Race Group Press Release 180810a

See the list of entries as per the Laguna Seca website on 12th August, in pdf: 2018 Group 2a entry list

Calendar of Events re DMTRG and Race Group 2A: This is just so all our activities / key events are on one page. Click on

The Paddock Plan for DMTRG is still a work in process. DMTRG will be located in Rows J and I except for those of you who indicated specific location requirements ( Prep Shops, Oversize Trailers, Multiple Entries , etc.). As soon as SCRAMP approves the plan for the Group, we’ll distribute it. OR, you will arrive and be directed to your space.

Posters & Banners: We made good progress regarding paddock “artwork” to enhance the visual experience for all. We’ve gotten a number of additional posters made so we’re up to 4 banners and 25 or so posters to mount on respective EZ Ups. Almost all the imagery has come via permission from Pebble Beach Company Longoria Archives and we are grateful for their support.

Trophies: A proper period cup has been found and shows plenty of patina just like our cars. We will relaunch the Del Monte Trophy this year as an perpetual annual recognition for presentation and performance by a Driver in each of our two Race Group Classes. Individual trophies will be given to the recipients in September. Looks like there will be four of us deciding the two recipients after our race event on Saturday. Another work in process.

DMTRG Photographer:  Colin Warnes , President of the Allard Owners Group, has been granted Photographer accreditation for Race Group 2A. Thank you Colin for volunteering again this year.

Again…… as a big reminder. The 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance will have OSCAs as one of it’s featured marques this year. John Grosseto has told us they will have 16 OSCAs on the PB lawn. We race on Saturday so we’re good to go to the Concours and make sure to stop by and check in with John and our “race period kin”…