News Blog 2 – the 2018 season

Published by MB for RM and DS, April 15, 2018

The Del Monte Trophy Race Group
for 1947 – 1955 Sports Racing
and Production GT Race Cars

Update on the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, August 23-26 2018…

Acceptance letters are out and we’re again group 2a … Saturday. There will be some added and some dropped out … such is the process.

  • We’re scheduled to start working with SCRAMP re paddock plan
  • Dedicated row “again” with focus on presentation…
  • We’re working on display space for OSCAs (featured at the PB Concourse) and Hagemann cars …

We want to name our row … any ideas?

  • Row graphics … aka signage
  • We’ll put down a welcome mat as last year …. a ground graphic … “START”.
  • It was a door opener, well received and we’ll do it again.We added 8 additional graphics of “racing in the day” last year …
  • An offer for you! … we will get images you have of “racing in the day” printed by our printer. Cost to you will be about $50 per graphic. Great home garage art when not on your EZ Up. If you don’t have pictures … we have images that you could sponsor.

Support for SCRAMP initiatives

  • Paddock tour: very much appreciate small groups of guests are escorted around the paddock.
  • We’ll provide “notes” on racing in the day and cars on our row.
  • Also, one of us will be on duty as the groups come around to tell the story of racing in the day and the cars

SCRAMP media plans

  • We’ve provided “notes” on cars for announcers the last three years.
  • There will again be live video stream of races … we’ll provide info packets
  • Magazine interviews: we reach out and SCRAMP direct publications to us
  • We’ll be reaching out for short statements on your cars

Two wave start …

  • Actually we’d position small bore cars 5-8 seconds behind as we go thru 11 on out lap
  • We’ve long had a view of “> and < 2L cars racing thru turn 2” at the start … context!
  • This is as much for us drivers as a spectacle for the show … several operations issues. We’ll try again!

DMTRG Trophies

  • SCRAMP will cut back on trophies they present this year
  • We’d like to initiate awards sponsored by our group for our group presented during our post event wine and cheese!
  • An idea: Two perpetual trophies … one for each sub group. Trophy with 10-12” wood base with both racers of the day (Pebble Beach races) and current awardees.
  • What do are your thoughts? … We’ve gotten several comments on such over the last couple years

DMTRG Washington, Oregon, NorCal 2019 Series *

  • Last year we were contacted …. during and after the Reunion … about “can we bring our theme and cars” to other vintage race groups …. regarding other events in NorCal, Washington, Oregon
  • We’d work to get paddock places, promoted as a feature group, hotel discounts, etc
  • Best for us … to get more 47-55 cars to come out and join the party. We’d also press for sponsorship by an “industry” player for “support”
  • Current thinking is an event in Seattle / Kent, one in Portland, 2 at Sonoma and Pre / ReUnions at Laguna Seca.
  • If enough of “us all” are interested we’d start pushing on magazines and race groups across the US to recruit.
  • Consider this a bucket list series … we’d start pushing on the topic if we could find 12 – 16 “of us” that would “plan” to do 4 of the 6 events. Tell us if you’d be interested! No commitment at this time but if you’re interested drop a note to Rob or Doug and we’ll keep you current on our progress.

* DMTRG: Del Monte Trophy Race Group