George Holt: 1954 Jaguar XK120

I bought in the US as a battered old race car & imported it to the UK where I lived at the time , although it hadn’t come with any history and was in a pretty sorry state.  A good friend… actually my Navigator Keith Webster … bet me 50 Quid {pounds UK} that I couldn’t get it race ready for the 50th anniversary race for the XK120 at Donnington Park England. Red rag to a bull !!!  And thus, my 120 breathed again, getting fastest lap and first place in the road going Class.  That was, of course, 1999.


She then went to Jabbeke with a Jaguar invite to the rerun of the record breaking event in Belgium.  My car was the XK 120 used by ‘TOP GEAR’ for their program!


Onwards and upwards, Didon France where she came 3rd behind a gaggle of  cars, Micheal Steele HWM, 1st; David Wenman, 2nd, Works C Type; and yours truly George Holt, 3rd, XK 120!  We then did the Tour De France  with Tour Auto where we ran as the Drummers being a group that raced with original DRUM brakes , as she is now & always will be ! The way she was BORN .


I brought the old girl back to Canada and the US when I relocated & she now continues her racing career here ! Always driven to and away from all the illustrious events she graces !!  She did receive the SPIRIT of the Event award at Dijon France, for driving to and from the event and gracing the circuit taking spectators on 7 /10s trips around the circuit. She also placed second behind Sir Sterling in a works C type again at Donnington Park ! She was always quick in the rain !! and it rained that day !!