News blog – Bulletin 4 – preparing for Monterey

The Del Monte Trophy Race Group for 1947 – 1955 Sports Racing and Production GT Race Cars
DMTRG 2018 Bulletin #4 180811a

From Doug Sallen, 11 August 2018

Hello All….. this is overdue and many of us are loading or hauling for the Pre-ReUnion. We’d taken a decision to wait until the paddock plan was done before sending “Bulletin #4”… …. The paddock plan is still a work in process and should be completed today, tomorrow… ie SOON. Lots going on this year regarding the track …. Good for us … less going on for our group so we’ve been able to be “ready” when the SCRAMP folks are “ready” for us.

Please contact Rob or Doug with any questions / issues:

All the best, Doug

Rob: [email protected]   –   Doug: [email protected]

Media Plan: our outbound communications is focused on telling our story as far and wide as we can get. An initial press release has been prepared for our DMTRG Friends and Family. SCRAMP PR is also sending this “first press release” out to the Journalists and Photographers accredited to this year’s event. A “second press release” will go out next week as a reminder for the photo and interview opportunity that we are hosting Friday the 24th at 2.30 with the cars that we’re highlighting this year: Hagemann Specials, Allards, MG Specials and Crosley-engined Specials. Additionally, we’ll again prepare a set of DMTRG Car Notes for the track announcers.

See our press release in pdf: 2018 Del Monte Trophy Race Group Press Release 180810a

See the list of entries as per the Laguna Seca website on 12th August, in pdf: 2018 Group 2a entry list

Calendar of Events re DMTRG and Race Group 2A: This is just so all our activities / key events are on one page. Click on

The Paddock Plan for DMTRG is still a work in process. DMTRG will be located in Rows J and I except for those of you who indicated specific location requirements ( Prep Shops, Oversize Trailers, Multiple Entries , etc.). As soon as SCRAMP approves the plan for the Group, we’ll distribute it. OR, you will arrive and be directed to your space.

Posters & Banners: We made good progress regarding paddock “artwork” to enhance the visual experience for all. We’ve gotten a number of additional posters made so we’re up to 4 banners and 25 or so posters to mount on respective EZ Ups. Almost all the imagery has come via permission from Pebble Beach Company Longoria Archives and we are grateful for their support.

Trophies: A proper period cup has been found and shows plenty of patina just like our cars. We will relaunch the Del Monte Trophy this year as an perpetual annual recognition for presentation and performance by a Driver in each of our two Race Group Classes. Individual trophies will be given to the recipients in September. Looks like there will be four of us deciding the two recipients after our race event on Saturday. Another work in process.

DMTRG Photographer:  Colin Warnes , President of the Allard Owners Group, has been granted Photographer accreditation for Race Group 2A. Thank you Colin for volunteering again this year.

Again…… as a big reminder. The 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance will have OSCAs as one of it’s featured marques this year. John Grosseto has told us they will have 16 OSCAs on the PB lawn. We race on Saturday so we’re good to go to the Concours and make sure to stop by and check in with John and our “race period kin”…

Calendar of Events re DMTRG / Race Group 2A, Monterey 2018

Calendar of Events re DMTRG / Race Group 2A
The Del Monte Trophy Race Group for 1947 – 1955 Sports Racing and Production GT Race Cars


Issued by Doug Sallen, 11 August 2018

Wednesday, 22 August
9:00 – 6:00 Participant Registration
9:00 – 5:00 Tech Inspection
9:30 – 3:00 Track Orientation

Thursday, 23 August
7:00 – 5:00 Registration
8:00 Mandatory Drivers Meeting for Groups 1A and 2A
… our drivers meeting is earlier than the general drivers meeting time!!
9:15 – 9:35 Practice / Qualifying for Group 2A
5:00 – 7:00 Participant Welcome Party

Friday, 24 August
9:15 – 9:35 Practice / Qualifying for Group
2:30 – 3:30 DMTRG Media Event on Row J … photographers / journalists

Saturday, 25 August
9:00 – 9:20 Race 2A
2:30 – 2:50 Rolex Race 2A
3:30 – 4:30 DMTRG Awards on Row J

Sunday, 26 August
4:45 Awards Ceremony … Paddock Showcase Stage

Monday, 27 August
Breathe a sigh of relief and plant a row of cabbages.

News blog 3 – preparing for Monterey

The Del Monte Trophy Race Group for 1947 – 1955 Sports Racing and Production GT Race Cars

… at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, August 23-26 2018

2018 Del Monte Trophy Race Group Bulletin #3 – July 15, 2018

Paddock Plan: the filter for us is …. cars that are with prep shops / large haulers AND entrants that want to be elsewhere in the paddock aside from the row we get for DMTRG. The last three years we’ve discovered about 1/3 of cars in our group want to pit “elsewhere” which leaves us positioning 25 or so cars to tell the DMTRG story. We’re working on paddock plans now and positioning respective cars. As usual real estate is at a premium regarding paddock plans and with several special groups and vendor / sponsor displays this year it’s a “tighter” squeeze … again, a work in process. I’ll bet we have a good handle on paddock plan within days.

Posters: we have period race graphics of Pebble Beach racing that we have attached to EZ Ups last few years that we’ll put up again…. 10 or so. For any of you that want a poster of your car from the day or a race image from the day you’d like to have made ….. We have a member of our group that has stepped up and is glad to produce banners. Cost in the past has been ~$75 for a ~4’ x 3’ poster with eyelets. Please tell us asap if you’ve images you’d like to have made to add to the story of our row. The balance of the year the posters are great garage art to tart up your cars hideaway.

Trophies: several of us have been thinking thru DMTRG trophies. Our current thinking is a perpetual trophy …. on the four sides …. two plates with names of great racers of the day … and two plates (one for <2L and one for >2L) which we’ll get updated annually with best spirit / performance recognition for members of our group. Additionally, we’ll have two trophies one for <2L / small bore and one for >2L / big bore …. for the recipients to keep for ever and ever. The big bore award will be titled: Del Monte Trophy. The small bore award will be titled: Cypress Point Trophy. What do you think?… ie feedback please!

Media Plans: we’ll continue to send out DMTRG press releases to targeted publications to position our cars and rich racing history. We’ll be focusing on highlighting three aspects of our 2018 47 – 55 race group: Hagemann Specials, Kurtis 500s, H Mods. Our press release focus continues to be cars that are in DMTRG that are representative of models that raced in the day …. best when the car did race in the day and we have several of them.

Pebble Beach Concours: The 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance will have OSCAs as one of it’s featured marques this year. John Grosseto told us they will have 16 OSCAs on the PB lawn. We race on Saturday so we’re good to go to the Concours and make sure to stop by and check in with John and our “race period kin”…

Research – Wally Edwards’ Special – can you help?

Our friend Mike Matune contacted us at the Del Monte Trophy Race Group to ask for help in identifying a 1950s American road race car. Please rack your brains and your files to be able to help him and us.

We now have the pleasure of being able to make available on this web site the two attachments which Mike has and which will help you in your search:

Article in Vintage Racecar magazine – download here

Spreadsheet of the Edwards’ Special activities – download here


Mike’s message:

Hi y’all,

Trust this finds you all well. I came across a question on an American road racing special of the 50s was hoping you could help. In this month’s “Vintage Racecar” magazine, Dr. Mark Brinker’s “Hidden Treasures” column talks about a 1950s Allard Special Mystery” chassis. I have attached a scan of the piece. Here is more on the chassis:

After a little investigation, the consensus feels that the chassis may be the Edwards Special built and campaigned by Waldrip C. “Wally Edwards of San Diego. As you can see from the article and the website, the car’s history is cloudy at best. Among the issues that cloud its lineage is the fact that car numbers for the events in which it ran don’t line up. We have summarized what we think we know about the Edwards Special in the attached spreadsheet. There is some thought that the first and last entries on the spreadsheet may not actually pertain to the car we are seeking, but we have left them on the list until we flush out everything we know.

Tracing the history is difficult because most information on an “Edwards Special” pertains to Sterling Edwards cars. There is copious amounts of information on those cars. We think the Schultz chassis was under a completely different car. I have three books on American road racing specials and none of them mention a Wally Edwards or his car.

Any other thoughts on this one? Please feel free to reach out with any comments or questions. Don’t hesitate to forward this note as you see fit.

Take care, Mike

M. M. “Mike” Matune, Jr.

6121 Mountain Springs Lane, Clifton, Virginia 20124. Email: [email protected]

Joel Driskill reports back… “I saw this car when this video was first put on YouTube and dismissed it as an Allard as it wasn’t uncommon to modify the bodies some. After reading this post my initial thought was def wrong. I’ll also go through my newly digitized video archive (thank you American Hot Rod Foundation) to see if I have any more film of this car. we’ll see.”

Article in Vintage Racecar magazine – download here

Spreadsheet of the Edwards’ Special activities – download here

Please send comments on the website to the acting distant webmaster Marcus Bicknell [email protected] The two photos here are linked from with thanks.

News Blog 2 – the 2018 season

Published by MB for RM and DS, April 15, 2018

The Del Monte Trophy Race Group
for 1947 – 1955 Sports Racing
and Production GT Race Cars

Update on the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, August 23-26 2018…

Acceptance letters are out and we’re again group 2a … Saturday. There will be some added and some dropped out … such is the process.

  • We’re scheduled to start working with SCRAMP re paddock plan
  • Dedicated row “again” with focus on presentation…
  • We’re working on display space for OSCAs (featured at the PB Concourse) and Hagemann cars …

We want to name our row … any ideas?

  • Row graphics … aka signage
  • We’ll put down a welcome mat as last year …. a ground graphic … “START”.
  • It was a door opener, well received and we’ll do it again.We added 8 additional graphics of “racing in the day” last year …
  • An offer for you! … we will get images you have of “racing in the day” printed by our printer. Cost to you will be about $50 per graphic. Great home garage art when not on your EZ Up. If you don’t have pictures … we have images that you could sponsor.

Support for SCRAMP initiatives

  • Paddock tour: very much appreciate small groups of guests are escorted around the paddock.
  • We’ll provide “notes” on racing in the day and cars on our row.
  • Also, one of us will be on duty as the groups come around to tell the story of racing in the day and the cars

SCRAMP media plans

  • We’ve provided “notes” on cars for announcers the last three years.
  • There will again be live video stream of races … we’ll provide info packets
  • Magazine interviews: we reach out and SCRAMP direct publications to us
  • We’ll be reaching out for short statements on your cars

Two wave start …

  • Actually we’d position small bore cars 5-8 seconds behind as we go thru 11 on out lap
  • We’ve long had a view of “> and < 2L cars racing thru turn 2” at the start … context!
  • This is as much for us drivers as a spectacle for the show … several operations issues. We’ll try again!

DMTRG Trophies

  • SCRAMP will cut back on trophies they present this year
  • We’d like to initiate awards sponsored by our group for our group presented during our post event wine and cheese!
  • An idea: Two perpetual trophies … one for each sub group. Trophy with 10-12” wood base with both racers of the day (Pebble Beach races) and current awardees.
  • What do are your thoughts? … We’ve gotten several comments on such over the last couple years

DMTRG Washington, Oregon, NorCal 2019 Series *

  • Last year we were contacted …. during and after the Reunion … about “can we bring our theme and cars” to other vintage race groups …. regarding other events in NorCal, Washington, Oregon
  • We’d work to get paddock places, promoted as a feature group, hotel discounts, etc
  • Best for us … to get more 47-55 cars to come out and join the party. We’d also press for sponsorship by an “industry” player for “support”
  • Current thinking is an event in Seattle / Kent, one in Portland, 2 at Sonoma and Pre / ReUnions at Laguna Seca.
  • If enough of “us all” are interested we’d start pushing on magazines and race groups across the US to recruit.
  • Consider this a bucket list series … we’d start pushing on the topic if we could find 12 – 16 “of us” that would “plan” to do 4 of the 6 events. Tell us if you’d be interested! No commitment at this time but if you’re interested drop a note to Rob or Doug and we’ll keep you current on our progress.

* DMTRG: Del Monte Trophy Race Group

Some things never change – reflections by Peter Darnall

The Parkinson Jaguar Special, now there’s a real sports racing car! Let me share a couple of pictures with you; there’s a bit of a story too. I took this shot (left) of the Parkinson Jaguar Special during the CSRG Season Finale at Thunderhill in November 2017. The car was close; so close I could have stepped into the passenger seat beside John Buddenbaum as he flashed by. These areas were designated “off limits” to the public for safety reasons, but I had photographer’s credentials for the event.

Event programs usually feature in bold print the caveat “Motor Racing is Dangerous.” No argument with the logic; racing automobiles is an unpredictable activity, and no one wants an errant race car ending up in a spectator’s lap. These days, spectators are herded into designated zones and allowed to view the far-off action through a wire mesh safety fence. The cars themselves have become truly bizarre: crash resistant safety cocoons festooned with airfoil devices and tarted up with outlandish paint schemes and corporate paraphernalia.

Thanks, but I prefer the way things were back in those heady days following World War Two, when European style road racing came to the United States. Sports cars like Don Parkinson’s Jaguar Special were created to be used on public roads during the week and raced on weekends. And they raced on real roads, not designer courses with contrived turns, huge run-off areas, and billiard table smooth road surfaces. Spectators were welcome, but no amenities were provided.

Imagine sitting beside the road in Golden Gate Park. It’s Sunday afternoon in late May 1952. You’re in a small group of people on a grassy slope on Middle Drive West at the intersection of Metson Road. Normally the speed limit for automobiles would be 15 mph, but not today: The Guardsmen sponsored

Bill Pollack driving the #14 Allard Cadillac, leading Phil Hill in the #22 Ferrari 212 Inter. Hairpin Turn Golden Gate Park, Sunday in late May 1952. Photo by Don Palmer, with thanks.

sports car races are on and this intersection is now a hairpin turn at the end of a long straight. The speaker on the makeshift PA System has just announced that Bill Pollack, driving Tom Carsten’s Cadillac Allard, has been timed at almost 140 mph and he’s headed our way.

The black Allard suddenly appears up the road to our left. He’s coming fast, hugging our side of the road. The wheels are stirring up small clouds of dust from the grass and the nose drops sharply as Pollack brakes hard for the hairpin turn. We instinctively pull back a few feet and suddenly the car is right in front of us. We’re almost close enough to read the instruments on the dash as the Allard cuts for the apex of the turn at the intersection. The thunder of the big Cadillac engine makes the ground shake as the Allard accelerates away. The left front fender brushes a hay bale across the road and a bit of straw flies up in the air . . .

Such was my introduction to the sport of road racing! Of course, it was dangerous . . . but that’s not the point. Nobody obsessed on this contingency in those halcyon days.

Don Parkinson was an architect in Southern California. He shared an aspiration to become a race car driver with his brother-in-law, Phil Hill. Unfortunately, Parkinson misjudged the first turn during the Pebble Beach Races in 1951 and smacked a tree with his Jaguar XK120. The badly damaged Jaguar was sent to Roger Barlow’s International Motors in Los Angeles for repairs and rebuilt as a “Special.” The spartan bodywork, with its cycle fenders and subtle curves, was drawn by a teenager named Robert Cumberford. Marvin Faw matched the drawings with sheet aluminum stretched over the modified Jaguar chassis. Richie Ginther reworked the Jaguar engine, enlarging to 3.8 liters. Phil Hill was closely involved with the project from the beginning.

Google it: A record of the names of the men involved with the Parkinson project reads like a “Who’s Who” of the Southern California racing scene; the Parkinson Jaguar Special has a real pedigree. Don Parkinson had considerable success with his Jaguar Special. He took a class win in the feature Guardsmen Trophy event at Golden Gate that first year. He eventually sold the Special for a C-Type Jaguar.

Sports cars would race again in Golden Gate Park the following year. Word of the excitement of racing fast cars on the Park roads had spread and the crowd which showed up was much larger. Workers had spread snow fencing alongside the roads to discourage spectators from crossing the course. The vantage points at the hairpin turn had been fenced off. . . too dangerous they said.

Times were changing.

The Parkinson Jaguar Special was out for the CSRG Season Finale at Thunderhill this year (another photo I took is below). John Buddenbaum was putting on a fine show driving the veteran racer hard all weekend. Clad in conservative white livery and wearing number “3,” the Parkinson Jaguar Special looks much the same as it did over six decades ago in Golden Gate Park.

I wish I could say the same.

November 2017


Download the whole of Peter’s wonderful piece. Click here…. some_things_never_change_p_darnall

Peter takes glorious photos of our cars and several have been posted on our Facebook page   The shot of the front right locked up on the Tatum at Thunderhill in November 2017, right, is a favorite of mine.

Would you like to know more about Peter? p_darnall_bio


News blog 1

Press Release Published MB/RM Jan 7, 2017

The Del Monte Trophy Race Group
for 1947 – 1955 Sports Racing and Production GT Race Cars and the 1947-1955 Transatlantic sports racing car challenge

Invitation to Race at the 60th celebrations of the Pebble Beach Road Races and the Laguna Seca Raceway

Following the first appearances, last year, of Rob Manson’s 1949 Baldwin V8 Mercury Special and his 1950 Streets Manning V8 Mercury Special alongside Ernie Nagamatsu’s Old Yeller II at race and hill-climb events in the UK, the tables are turned. UK and European based sports racing and production GT cars from the period 1947 to 1955 are invited to race in the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion at Laguna Seca 16-20 August 2017 and/or to participate in the concurrent Monterey Car Week. Drivers not only get 2 qualifying sessions and 2 races at Laguna Seca, but also the opportunity to get the same amount of track time just one weekend before, at the Historic Pre-Meeting on the same track.

The 1947–1955 Sports Racing and Production GT Race Cars, also known as the Del Monte Trophy Group, includes early production sports cars that arrived in the US after WWII including Jaguar XK-120s, MG T-types, Allards, Kurtises, early Porsche 356s, other European exotics of the day and numerous USA-built Specials … typically based on scrap yard or war surplus-sourced components… known as the hot rod road racers.

Carmel-Monterey-based Rob Manson is working to ensure that these cars remain a prominent and exciting feature at major vintage car road racing events across the US. The Group’s focus for 2017 is Monterey / Laguna Seca in August. These cars would have competed at the Pebble Beach Sports Car Road Race and other venues held in parks, public roads, airports and military bases when the national series included over 30 events nationally.

2017 is the 60th Anniversary of Laguna Seca Raceway, the permanent track built nearby in response to the public demand created by the Pebble Beach Road Races and the 60th Anniversary of the last of the Pebble Beach Sports Car Road Races. A number of activities will be organized for the Del Monte Trophy Group during the Monterey Car Week in mid-August … emphasizing the cars’ significance to the introduction and popularization of sports car racing in the Western US. We are working with The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and Laguna Seca Raceway in support of these Anniversaries. Our focus regarding this announcement is racers, owners, historians, media, organizers, marque clubs and several event venues.