Video Interview of Lee Hammock April 7, 2022

David Steele (on the right), the CEO of the American Hot Rod Foundation, brought a film crew to Santa Barbara last Thursday to do a video interview of Lee Hammock (centre) for the Foundation’s “living legends of hot rodding” archives. Lee was there in the post war, early 1940’s when hot rodding took off on the Central Coast of California. He was an original member of the Santa Barbara Acceleration Association, the club responsible for the first organised drag races in the US. They decided that the quarter mile was to be the distance used. He helped his neighbor Willis Baldwin build the Baldwin Mercury Special in 1948/49 and as its driver put it on Pole position at the Palm Springs Road Races in April of 1950; the first road races held west of Watkins Glen.
The interview lasted 4 1/2 hours.
With thanks to Rob Manson (left in the photo) for the heads-up

California Road Racers at close quarters

Those pesky critters in Rob Manson’s California Road Race Specials stable… now you see them spreadout on track at Laguna Seca, now you see them at very close quarters…

2021 Monterey Historics Race Two, Turn Four, Escuderia California – Four Champions and Rob Manson hard on it. John Buddenbaum , 1949 Parkinson Jaguar Spl., Blake Tatum, 1953 Tatum GMC Spl., Rob Manson, 1953 Kurtis 500S Dodge, Skip Streets, 1953 Streets Manning Spl., Slim Pepperdene, 1949 Baldwin Mercury Spl.

Our thank to David Gentry for the technical wizardry.

David can purvey fantastic art quality images of your race car, photo or drawing. Please contact him at

Monterey Historics 1993… our boys at the Corkscrew

We thank Rob Manson for this gem from the annals…

Phil Hill in the #20 Ferrari Mexico is being chased by Terry Larson in the #100 Jaguar C-Type. Rick Cannon in the blue #4 Cannon Mk3 Special and Jim Hurlinger in the #77 Baldwin Mercury Special (now in the Rob Manson écurie ) are keeping up with the leaders.

Monterey Historics at Laguna Seca, 1993. for some videos of other than ours.


Del Monte Trophy reports in SCCA’s The Wheel magazine

Buddenbaum leads Tatum on lap 5… just for a while

We are delighted to have had such copious and intelligent coverage in the December issue of SCCA’s The Wheel magazine. Please read the article by Blake Tatum on page 20 and Marcus Bicknell’s race 1 report starting on page 21 of the pdf which you can download here..

The weight of history in the making bears down on Blake Tatum (winner of Race 1), Skip Streets (winner of Race 2) and Rob Manson (owner of both cars). Smile for the camera then.

You know the story by now, one of the 2021 event’s father-and-son stories… the white and blue 1953 Tatum GMC Special created by Chuck Tatum was driven by one of our most eminent guests, Blake Tatum his son. Blake is a well-known racer, Editor of “The Wheel’ and Board Member of the Northern California Region of the SCCA. And he went on to win race 1 on Saturday 14th August 2021 in the Del Monte Trophy Group sports racing cars 1948-1955.

I enjoyed Blake’s “proud father” musings. Excellent and justified. And my race report, written in period, with some humor and with a quill pen between my

David Gentry’s sketch of the winning Tatum. He can do an image of your car too…

teeth bring something of the thrill of the occasion to the reader.

You can write to Blake Tatum at [email protected] and I’m sure he would like to hear from you (especially if it is full of praise or supplying new text and pics for his mag).

Motor Sport magazine Oct 2021…The Men from Del Monte

We’re famous, again. I was leafing through my autumn copies of Motor Sport magazine when I came across this two page article on us in the August 2021 Monterey Speed Week… “The men from Del Monte”. Wow that’s definitely us.

We are pleased to have gotten this coverage in one of ther world’s most respected motorsport journals. Many thanks to my friends there including Doug Nye and Simon “Stovebolt” Taylor. It was nice they used some of the photos we sent them. Well done team and thank you editor Joe Dunn, Editors-at-Large Simon Arron and Gordon Cruikshank. Thanks alos to Rob Manson for all the efforts he makjes for the Del Monte Tropy Race Group and to David Gentry for the unique and superb artworks used in the displays and print materials. David is at and a good sample is at

If you have a subscription to Motorsport you can see more at

2021 Velocity Invitational, November 11 – 14, 2021

Our next race event; 15 cars from our Del Monte Trophy Race Group, the cars which raced at Pebble Beach in the 1950s, are entered for the …
2021 Velocity Invitational
November 11 – 14, 2021
WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca
The website at is quite informative although they have not reflected our cars yet. If you are not entered yet do please contact Rob Manson or the organiser Steve Earl. There will be a race a day, Friday thru Sunday, for our Group 2
1948 – 1957 Sports & Sports Racing Cars

Our flatheads on the drag strip, September 2021

RPM Nationals at Santa Margarita, California, with the three Baldwins – Rob Manson in the Baldwin Mercury, Max Jamiesson in the Baldwin Payne and Stu Hanssen in the Baldwin Hanssen. Rob won the V8 Full Race Trophy running against period Flathead dragsters.

You Tube has several videos posted, of which shows two of the Baldwins.

Stephen Cloud sent photos and says “Hi Rob, It was a fun weekend and great to see you and Bob and be a hot rod grease ball rat for an afternoon. Best. Steve “

Video from Victory Lane – Pebble Beach 70th anniversary Aug 14-15, 2021

Wow. A masterful video summarising our Pebble Beach 70th anniversary Aug 14-15 by Jim Rose and featured on Victory Lane’s web site. Many thanks to Celac Colvert at Victory Lane for providing it to us, for the pleasure.
The slo-mo shots of the Manning, Rob’s Kurtis, the Tatum, the Hanssen Baldwin , the Cannon and the Cleary Crosley coming through The Corkscrew are a joy to behold. We are so grateful for the interest our racers inspire.

Del Monte Trophy Race Group – 2021 Bulletin 4, August 18

Dear All,

The 70th Anniversary celebration of the Pebble Beach Road Races and Concours d’Elegance kicked off with a press conference in the Concours Village before the start of the annual Tour d’Elegance.  The backdrop was all 5 of the Pebble Beach Road Races winners positioned in front of our 50 foot Celebration Display.  Sandra Button, CEO of the Concours opened this year’s event.  Derek Hill, Phil’s son, moderated and spoke of his father’s recollections of the inaugural 1950 race and his win in the Jaguar XK-120.  Robert Devlin, motorsport historian, continued with details about the Pollack Allard J2 (’51, 52), Hill Ferrari 250 MM (’53), Edwards Ferrari 375 MM (’54), and the Hill and Shelby Ferrari 750 Monza (’55,’56) as well as commentary on the historical importance of those early road races.

We created two sets of Celebration Displays, the first for the Concours d’Elegance.  The second was located in the Rolex Monterey Historic Reunion exhibit area at Laguna Seca.  The Pebble Beach Road Races winners were on display in front of it on Saturday. They did a few demonstration laps at the lunch break and riding in the #14 Allard was driver Bill Pollack’s daughter Mellette.

Our Paddock Rows J and I were again a rolling museum exhibit of early 1950’s motorsports history in California. We displayed a late 1940’s Kurtis Kraft Midget, the dominant local oval track attraction during and immediately after WWII.  Also the Baldwin Payne Special, one of the first hot rods built as a sports car in the late 1940’s for Southern California drag races, hill climbs and speed events, prior to the first road races in 1950.  We had an extraordinary display of our early 1950’s imported and domestic sports cars.  The two-time Pebble Beach winning Ferrari sports racer and the Devin Chevrolet Special closed our era in period, and demonstrated where the sport would be headed.

Our Race Group 4A track sessions were well fought, exciting racing.  Pollack, Hill or Shelby didn’t drive those cars any harder when they were new than we drove them last weekend, 70 years later! All that great racing in a respectful, no contact experience: that’s what fun on a race track in a great old car is all about.  The track announcers were very well informed this year and demonstrated their skill and interest in our cars in each of the 4 sessions. These were also live streamed over the internet and followed closely by our many friends and fans who couldn’t attend this year.  While the live stream commentators were ill informed and apparently uninterested, the track announcers can be heard in the background. You can still watch it at ( and race 2 starts at about 6 hours 22 minutes in)

Marcus Bicknell was following the streaming cast in England and doing simultaneous written reports of each race.  Here are the links to the correct page of our web site.  These are not to be missed!
Race 1:
Race 2:

Photo by Jim Rose courtesy of Celac Colvert, editor of Victory Lane.
Buddenbaum, Manson, Streets in Race 2.

Our web site also carries pieces on the Huffaker Healey, the descendants of the original Pebble Beach drivers, the 1955 Ferrari 750 Monza Scaglietti Spyder, the article on us in Victory Lane, and the 1956 Cleary Crosley Special, all available by scrolling down

There were daily posting on each of the cars and drivers in Race Group 4A on our FaceBook page (  prior to Thursday the 12th.  Also posted are many glorious photos taken during the event by Colin Warnes, our illustrious DMTRG photographer, David Gentry and others.  You might want to check yours out.

We issued 3 Press Releases and others were sent out by the Concours and Reunion press staff. We’ll put together a folder of those and the articles in online and print magazines that they produced.

David Gentry is the artist who did the original artwork of several of our cars, the graphics and the composition of the 70th Celebration Displays, the Rows J and I Information panels and, of course, our Del Monte Trophy Race Group logo.  He is as passionate about our cars and the stories that they tell as we are.  He volunteered his talent and time to create a wonderful presentation for us and for spectators at both the Concours and the Historics..  His web site is Please visit it to see more of the extraordinary motorsports art that he creates.  Your car may be there, and if it isn’t ,you may want to commission him to do it.

Our fellow DMTRG Allard racer Jon LeCarner, whose company TotalExpo, Inc. specializes in convention exhibits, did the production and provided the structure for all of the displays.  Their web site is:

The black and white period photos that we have been privileged to use in the displays and throughout the pits are used by permission of the Julian P. Graham, Pebble Beach Company/ Lagorio Achives.

Each year, at our Del Monte Trophy Race Group gathering, we honor two of our group who have raced and finished; one in the Under 2000cc and one in the Over 2000cc Classes.  Two previous honorees choose this year’s winner.  On our behalf Gregor Magnusson and Kaiden Marouf chose Robert Davis and his Siata 208S as this year’s  Under 2000cc honoree and   John Buddenbaum and James Heth, standing in for Tim Barnes, chose Rob Manson for Over 2000 cc. Their names will be added to the perpetual Del Monte Trophy along with the past winners going back in each Class to 1950.  Congratulations to the honorees and to the selectors!

The Del Monte Trophy Race Group Logo cloth patch should have been received by everyone in Race Group 4A and hopefully is now firmly attached to your race suits.  But…There’s more swag for anyone looking for birthday or Christmas or just everyday stuff with our logo on it.   Any profits are for the DMTRG Project.  Go to:  

•    Thanks go to everyone in the Race Group for the hard, clean racing and for making this 2021 Historics so much fun.
•    A special shout out goes to Marcus Bicknell in Chalfont St Giles, England, David Gentry in San Francisco and Jon LeCarner in Placencia.  We couldn’t have accomplished all of this year’s projects without their dedicated efforts.
•    Thanks also go out to; Dave Nelson and his initiative to create a cinema house in the bright sunlight of a race track parking lot (“Racing Through The Forrest” has to be one of the only car movies you could want to see twice);
•    to Bill Rooklidge who created the Phil Hill Award for the Jaguar XK-120 that is first to finish (and isn’t the Parkinson).
•    and to Colin Warnes, DMTRG photographer and all around Allard resource.

All the Best, Rob Manson

Huffaker Marston Healey Special: update

An exchange between Scott Marston and Rob Manson is of interest to many lovers of the Del Monte Trophy Cars…

On Aug 17, 2021, at 2:07 Scott Marston wrote:

Dear Rob

“Hello, I see the Huffaker Marston Healey Special was part of your earlier photo shoot, is that car going to be displayed this weekend? It was built by my father, Mick (ok, he watched Joe do all the work!) and Joe Huffaker and we might make the trip down to see it if it’s there. I’ve read thru the pages, but am not sure.
Thank you,

Scott Marston”

Rob replied:

Dear Scott, Your dad’s Healey Special was sadly not entered with the Del Monte Trophy Race Group at this year’s Reunion . It did participate in May in an extensive video shoot on the roads of the Pebble Beach circuit. The filming was organised as part of the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Pebble Beach Road Races and Concours d’Elegance.  It was shown repeatedly during Sunday’s Concours.

The Marston Healey Special competed in the 1956 Pebble Beach Road Races and was, as you know, we’ll driven by your dad.  We were able to get its current owner to include it in the Special Exhibit of “California Specials That Raced At Pebble Beach” at the 2017 Concours d’Elegance.  We are hoping that it will join the Del Monte Trophy Race Group on the track for next year’s Historics.  It’s owner, and soon to be neighbor, has always been a hot shoe!  Best, Rob Manson

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