1955 Ferrari 750 Monza Scaglietti Spyder

Car # 2D – 1955 Ferrari 750 Monza Scaglietti Spyder – white/blue

Driven by Tazio Ottis of Berkeley, California

Raced in the Pebble Beach Road Races in 1955 (1st P.Hill) and 1956 (1st C.Shelby)

This particular Ferrari, #0510M was purchased by Texas millionaire and racing enthusiast, Allen Guiberson, in 1955. Its racing pedigree makes it unique. Driven by Carroll Shelby and Phil Hill, it came second overall in the 1955 12 Hours of Sebring race. Both these gentlemen drivers scored several victories each in the car; Phil Hill for owner Guiberson in 1955, and Shelby in 1956; the car then owned by Dick and Jim Hall. In October of 1955, Jim Hall drove the 750 Monza to his first competitive win as a driver.

It spent the remainder of its competitive career being driven by Jim Hall at venues in California, Texas, New Mexico, and Louisiana. In its 17 recorded races, it finished first, eight (8) times. It finished 1st or 2nd, 70.58% of its 17 races, in the hands of Carroll Shelby, Phil Hill, and Jim Hall.

Photo, right: The 1955 Ferrari 750 Monza Scaglietti Spyder with Phil Hill and Carroll Shelby at Monterey in 1997

The 750 Monza is a four-cylinder sports racer. It is powered by a Lampredi 3.0L 4-cylinder design with dual overhead cams. The body was designed by Dino Ferrari, presaging the droop-nose look of the 250 GTO; but it was Scaglietti’s interpretation of the 750 Monza, with its faired-in headrest that draws your eye.